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Volunteer, Give, Advocate

How You Can Help Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire God’s people and to implement solar PV lights for churches in remote areas of Liberia. We can not do this alone therefore, we ask that you volunteer with our mission to help change lives and bring light to remote villages to spread the word of God.

We need people to publicly supports or recommends our mission to everyone out there. Be our voice and spread the good news – you will play an important role for our mission because you will also deal with legal issues and may use the knowledge and expertise to assist us legally.

You and Your Friends Can Be Adocate

Help us spread the good word of our mission and bring your friends along to be a part of a fullfiling these causes.


Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed. Proverbs 19:17. Volunteer today and change lives.

Be A Voice For Our Mission?

  • An advocate is someone who promotes and supports change, and champions their efforts toward making the change happen. 
  • Your voice will help to relay the key benefits of our mission. As our voice you can sort through the important points of why this mission is a good idea and help persuade others.
  • As advocate you need to have personal experiences related to our mission. Then you can share these experiences as educational, giving sponsors another point of view. 

Things You need To Know About Volunteering?

Decide which causes you care about

Choosing to volunteer for our mission or one of our causes that you feel passionate about can increase the chances that you enjoy the opportunity. Take time to determine what you really care about before beginning a volunteer. 

Identify the skills and knowledge you can offer

Our volunteer opportunities do require certain skills but we are open to non-skill volunteers. As nonprofits we train you on the basics, especially if it’s a long-term volunteer role.

Determine how often you can volunteer

Identify how many hours and days a week or month you can commit yourself our mission. Being realistic about your availability can ensure you don’t overcommit yourself when volunteering.

Get all the relevant details for the volunteer position

Before applying for a volunteer position, ensure that you know all of the details. Learn about the our mission, the level of commitment needed and any required training. 

Follow up after you apply

After applying for a volunteer position, follow up in couple of days later if you haven’t heard back from us. Following up ensures your volunteer application is received and conveys your interest in the opportunity.

Be professional

Treat your volunteer commitment just as you would a paying job. Show up on time, deliver on your commitments last minute and be professional while performing volunteer work. We rely on volunteers for many of our duties, so being reliable and professional makes a positive impact.

Volunteer or Get Involved

Help Our Mission By Getting Involve!