How we got started

Premier among them is God’s divine direction and sustainable plan to keep us in the loop with our ongoing service level agreement with clients that are considering renewable solar energy to cut down 50% bills on public or private electricity supply.

Without sightseeing our targets, or carrying on sites survey of the churches, to consider the size of congregation, contacting the Liberia Assembly of God Headquarter in Monrovia and the local district in Maryland, we had in mind that there isn’t a one-size-fit all approach to engaging in such kind of stewardship but to offer to God in faith the gift he has given you no matter how sample is it, God will use it.

The local Churches congregation and other citizens of Barrobo were pleased and worked with the team of technicians to address the shift from kerosene lamp to solar PV lights. It is reported that the installed solar lights in the five churches have motivated more members attending evening services now than before, especially the youth of Christ or Christ Ambassadors.

A well-placed source has informed our level 1 technician or contact person in Barrobo that the demand for solar PV lights is growing as more churches wish to shift from the use of kerosene to God infinite creation, this mounting request requires figuring out source of support for those congregations. Our contact person will provide detail information on these churches facilities to ascertain the age of the rooftop, the type of solar grid to be designed and the cost associated, to determine the budget for a congregation or a church.

Computer Labs Int’l  is an IT service provider entity in Monrovia, Liberia owns the vehicle used to carried the team to Barrobo.
Researching all of the upcountry congregations in Liberia, more and more Catholic Church facilities are been equipped with solar energy in area impossible to running generator due to the rate of increase in the prices of fuel and gasoline. The installers or technician provided the church administrators some level of awareness on solar energy and the benefits of PV Lighting after each installation

This project reference Jesus’ parable of the talents from the book of (Matthew 25:14-30) reminds us that while the Master was gone on a long journey, his servants were entrusted with various sums of money that they were to manage in such a way that the Master’s “property” would be profitable. The “property” in the story should not be thought of as a plot of land, but rather as the Kingdom of God. The idea was to use the money (talents) to prosper the Kingdom of God, that is to further the purpose (mission) of the Kingdom (reign of God).

While two of the servants actively and boldly sought ways to advance the Kingdom through their faithful use of the resources they were entrusted with, the third servant dug a hole and buried the treasure in the ground out of fear and timidity. He did nothing to prosper the work of the Kingdom. For him there was no praise from the Master, and for the other, the Master said “Well done good and faithful servant; enter into the joy of your Master”. That kind of joy was known and felt by the other two servants.